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Transition (DVD and Gimmick) World Magic Shop - DVD

Product Code: TRA3UV1517

Jamie Docherty's debut effect - Transition, will allow you to perform visual coin magic like never before. 5 Visual effects using the Transition gimmick. 

Coin Transformation: Showing your hands empty you simply momentarily click in front of the coin and it visually transforms into a completely different coin, immediately everything is examinable. 

Coin in Bag: This is 'Bag 4 Life' on steroids. You visually penetrate the coin into a clear grip seal bag and instantly everything is examinable, the spectator can even take the bag from you the second the coin appears inside. 

Spinning Coin: As you simply spin a coin on a table it morphs into a completely different one. 

Turn over change: Simply turn the coin over and it transforms completely. 

Drop Change: You drop the coin into your hand and the second it lands it has magically become a completely different coin. 

Bonus effect: Coin Thru Card - You lay the coin on a playing card which has a hole in the middle of it. Instantly the coin visually passes through the card. 

Comes with a custom made gimmick and instructional DVD


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