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Alida (Little Winged One) by Ben Harris - ebook DOWNLOAD

Product Code: TG9EA24

"A cool and animated levitation of a card or dollar bill...

My goodness, this little effect created a shit-storm when it was released in 2000! I don't think the attacks had been so brutal since "Cosmosis" (in the mid 1980s). Anyway, this simple and effective idea was loved by some (see, for example, Richard Kaufman in Genii Magazine), and HATED by others (see, for example, Michael Close in MAGIC Magazine). I relish dividing opinion, and Alida certainly did that.

However, it was also a genuine stepping stone in the thought processes that would eventually lead to "Enlightenment: The Ultimate Floating Card"-which is way superior. So, controversial or not, I hesitate to dismiss Alida as we digitize the BackStory Project.

While the physical product is no longer available on dealer's shelves, ("Enlightenment" made it obsolete), we are very happy to supply a digital version for you to explore. And, there should be no complaints at this price point!

You can easily construct the gimmick at home. And if you work on the "Squeeze-Play" clean-up, you will have a real winner. Try it and see! YOU be the judge.

Pages: 18 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format


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